AutoAD - One click anomaly detection tool - Why anomaly detection is important?

Anomaly detection is the process of identifying patterns that deviate from what is considered to be typical or anticipated behavior. Anomalous events can cause businesses to lose millions of dollars. Millions of dollars can likewise be lost by consumers. In addition, there are several circumstances every day where people's lives and property are in danger. It's a concern if your bank account is emptied. It's an issue if your water pipe bursts and floods your basement. There will be a problem if all flights are delayed.

AutoAD is a one-click anomaly detection tool that can help you easily identify unusual patterns in your univariate and multivariate datasets. Whether you're working with cross-sectional or time series data, AutoAD can help you quickly and easily find anomalies that might indicate a problem or opportunity.

Note: This software is closed source and can be accessed via a web browser or API. Please contact for licensing and pricing information.

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Use cases


Detect Roaming abuse, Revenue fraud, Service disruptions


Prevent fraud, Detect illnesses, Implement preventative policies


Flag Abnormally high transactions, Fraudulent activity, Phishing

Finance and Insurance

Detect fraudulent claims / transactions / expenses


Detect malfunctions or failure of manufacturing system


Detect inefficiency of any process and improve them