My Noteworthy Works

Note: most of my projects are under NDA so I am unable to share those projects. If there is anything you would like to see further, please feel free to contact me.


One-click univariate time series modelling / forecasting tool. Please contact for licensing.

Project 1


One-click anomaly detection tool. Please contact for licensing.

Project 1

tradesly, tradeslyFX & tradeslyPRO: AI Roboadvisor

Tradesly's AI algorithms, which are tailored to each instrument, provide recommendations for each day, maximizing profits while minimizing risk! Available on Google Play Store!

Project 3

About Me

I am a professional Data Scientist with + years of experience building small to large end-to-end data science solutions. My interests are data science, numerical analysis, and mathematical/statistical modeling. When not playing with data, Iā€™m enjoying spending time playing music and working on digital art paintings.

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My Resume

My Open Source Projects

Quantum computing examples with QISKit.
Deep learning examples with Python and Tensorflow & Keras.
Numerical C++ examples.
Financial analysis, algorithmic trading, portfolio optimization examples with Python.
Simple header-only C++ library for unit-testing.